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We are the co-founders of Tween Esteem Camp for 9–12-year-old girls. This is a one day, six-hour camp where the girls learn empowerment from gaining self-esteem, confidence, and direction. Our financial literacy class teaches them how to become entrepreneurs, even at their age. We teach them to take 10 cents of each dollar earned and give to charity, the next 10 cents into their business and to take accountability and responsibility in their new business. Additionally, we do mirror self-affirmation work with them and teach how becoming an influencer (vs. bully) gives them the power to infuse positivity into their environment.

In addition, we teach them my WRITE IT OUT method where they learn to use writing as a powerful tool for journaling, venting, expression, or creativity.

They create and take home a vision board, which gives them aim, direction and excitement for their future, thus showing how putting the work in can allow achievement of anything they want in life.

We mentor through lunch and include physical activity to improve mental health and wellness. We wrap up the day with a graduation ceremony where they are presented with diplomas and awards earned.

You are vital to this program, as we are looking for scholarship donations from the Golden Triangle area for our camp. May we count on you to give a few girls this amazing opportunity? All donations of $500 or more get their logo on our camp t-shirts, named on our website, and acknowledged on our social media postings and press releases. You can also give directly through our non-profit website or pay by check, cashapp, venmo or paypal.

“Our youth are our future, let’s give them the necessary confidence, self-esteem and encouragement to succeed!”

Thank You,

Mistie Layne and Lauren Perez, Co-founders Tween Esteem Camp


About the co-founders:


Mistie Layne is a #1 International best-selling author and claims writing her book, What Goes Up, saved her life. She was named 2021 Overall Global Achiever, nominated 2020 Woman of the Year and placed 3rd in The Next Global Impactor competition. Mistie is an award-winning keynote speaker, host of Dare 2 Share TV talk show, founder of Write 2 Ignite Women’s Empowerment Retreats and a contributing journalist for several international magazines. She practices Nuclear Medicine full-time and serves as VP on the ChemoBuddies 4 Life non-profit board. You can learn more about Mistie at


Lauren Perez: When Lauren’s daughter was born with a disability, she left her management position and re-shifted by becoming an entrepreneur, founding her successful business, Bear and Bird Design. After her daughter Eliana passed away, Lauren wanted to speak out to others to bring awareness and education of the disabled community. She is a full-time mother, running her business from home and wants to prepare our youth of today for all possibilities of tomorrow, preparing them to be courageous, strong and resilient.

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