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Saturday, August 27, 2022
First Baptist Church Orange
Annex Bldg 
7637 MLK Jr. Dr
Orange, Texas 77632

9:30 am - 4 pm

tween esteem Aug 22.jpeg

Through scholarship and in-kind donations, the Tween Esteem Camp scholarships 9-12 year old girls for a full day of gaining empowerment, self-esteem, confidence and direction. They will be taught how to WRITE IT OUT, where they experience how powerful writing can be to release anger, gain mental clarity and activate creativity. During the financial literacy segment they will learn how to become an entrepreneur, how to allocate their earnings to charity and the importance of re-investing in their business. The girls will be given a make-up kit and taught how to apply age-appropriate make-up by a professional make-up artist. They are taught menstruation education and hygiene, followed by a Q & A session. Self-affirmation exercises will be taught, social skills sharpened, and they will create a vision board to manifest their future. In addition to all the learning, plenty of fun is to be had while decorating their caboodles, dancing, playing team building games and becoming more empowered and inspired than before. The day ends with a graduation ceremony with parents invited to attend. This is a unique experience and amazing opportunity to infuse confidence, self-esteem and direction in our youth today to build strong leaders for tomorrow! The girls leave empowered to STEP UP and SPEAK OUT with confidence and authority.



409-466-4309 OR 337-496-8156


About the co-founders:


Mistie Layne is a #1 International best-selling author and claims writing her book, What Goes Up, saved her life. She was named 2021 Overall Global Achiever, nominated 2020 Woman of the Year and placed 3rd in The Next Global Impactor competition. Mistie is an award-winning keynote speaker, host of Dare 2 Share TV talk show, founder of Write 2 Ignite Women’s Empowerment Retreats and a contributing journalist for several international magazines. She practices Nuclear Medicine full-time and serves as VP on the ChemoBuddies 4 Life non-profit board. You can learn more about Mistie at

Lauren Perez: When Lauren’s daughter was born with a disability, she left her management position and re-shifted by becoming an entrepreneur, founding her successful business, Bear and Bird Design. After her daughter Eliana passed away, Lauren wanted to speak out to others to bring awareness and education of the disabled community. She is a full-time mother, running her business from home and wants to prepare our youth of today for all possibilities of tomorrow, preparing them to be courageous, strong and resilient.

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